Date: August 3, 1993

Place: Fatu Hiva and beyond

The signs arrive days before
the first scent of land—
a sooty tern flying west
(manutara, as the island people say),
first one, and then another
and more as evening falls.
In the still morning before the trades
rise again, the smell of wet earth,
heart-rot, and green life growing
knocks you down.
You strain your eyes toward the horizon Continue reading

At Sea

Date: Summer Solstice 1993

Location: Somewhere mid-Pacific Between the Galapagos Islands and the Marquesas


Fortunate is the one at sea, powerless—or nearly so.

Alone is good, but two is better . . .

someone like you

who is not afraid

to feel small.

* * *

In the tight grip of something greater, in the closed fist of the shrinking universe,
in the thrall of an expanding one

. . . in the depths of the first night . . . Continue reading